Saturday, August 22, 2009

Terrifying Thought

What if retirement sucks? As a child all I wanted to do was grow up. Then I could do what I wanted. So far that seems to entail working 40 hours, sometimes more, a week at a job I hate with people I can't stand. Then I divide my 'free time' on the weekend between housework, laundry and grocrey shopping. Not the picture of freedom of choice I had in mind. So now I spend my days longing for retirement...but today a horrifying thought came along: What if retirement sucks? I'm not sure how this could be possible as I saw five or six elderly gentlemen having coffee at the Co-op Friday morning with a 40 of Rum on the table. That seems like nothing but good times. But maybe they were drinking before 10 a.m. to mourn the loss of their respective faculties ? Maybe they are lonely widowers...Depressing. For now, in an effort to keep a glimmer of hope alive, I'm going to assume neither and hope this was a Friday morning tradition they have enjoyed for many years and refuse to give up because it's AWESOME.

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  1. I realize I did not spell "grocery" correctly but am too technologically illiterate to be able to edit my own post. Sad, I know.