Friday, October 2, 2009

Just One More Thing

Just a little addendum to my previous note to our precious senior friends:

Rinsing your dentures off in the sink in the public bathroom in Zellers is NOT OKAY. #1: this is very unsanitary. Ger-ross. #2: I don't ever ever want to see your dentures out of your mouth. However if I'm in said bathroom and am washing my hands after using the facilities and I happen to glance over to see what it is your flinging back and forth under the tap over there, do not glare at me like I've commited some crime! I'm just following basic hygiene practises, you are the one bucking several accepted norms of proper social behaviour! And, #3: I had to work very hard not to get the giggles after you glared at me whilst waving your teeth around in the sink next to me. If I can't maintain control I come off lookin' like the crazy. #4: it's just not okay!

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