Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm so tired and why "fitness" blows.

Hello friends. I'm going to try to keep this short because I'm tired. Sooo tired. Why, you ask? Well really there are a number of contributing factors but for today I shall focus on fitness. Let me explain:

I have had four children (not good for anybody's figure unless you're that chick from Wild On!, you know, Brooke whassername) and I like two things a lot: vodka and carbs. I was going to say chocolate but that really doesn't capture the depth of my addiction to all things bad for me. White bread, white pasta, white rice. Bring it on. All of it. And then, kind sir, bring me a King size Twix bar (or Snickers, Skor, KitKat (the list of possibilities here is endless)) and a big ol' glass of milk. And whilst enjoying this diabetic nightmare of a feast, please put some Chelsea Lately or perhaps a little Intervention on the TV. And bring me a blanket. I'm sure by now you get the idea...

Hence why I went to spin today at lunch. This was not my first time at spin, nor will it be my last. I hate it. There is burning and sweating and swearing and panting. Take away the burning and switch "swearing" for "dirty talk" and we could be talking about a real good time. But alas, we're not. We're talking about a chipper fit friend of mine on a bike at the front of the room telling me to do things like sprint. While standing. Or hey, maybe instead just do push-ups while your pedalling. I know, for fun, let's sprint and increase the tension (a.k.a. make it REALLY hard). Why go, you ask? Well, kids, with my love of TV, carbs and the vodka, if I don't go, pretty soon I'll be puking up my Peanut M&Ms and popcorn (mixed together at the theatre and it's Heaven) on the Biggest Loser while Jillian screams obscenities at me. And as much as I LOVE that show and have, on occasion, downed an entire box of Ferrero Rocher while watching it, I do not necessarily want to be part of it all.

So I go to spin. With two of friends who feel this is such a good time, they go twice a day sometimes! I know, I know. I just shake my head. And then I rest it on the pillow and eat a cookie. That usually makes me feel better.

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