Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Twas 12 Days Before Christmas

People suck. Yeah, yeah I know, that's harsh and cynical and pessimistic, but guess what fuckers, they do. Not all of you. Certainly not those of you who read and enjoy this blog but, some people really suck hard and in so many different ways. I don't even know where to begin, but I'll try...

1. I know it's been said before, but it's true, people should have to get a license to reproduce. Easier said then done, but there are so many people who shouldn't be allowed to care for goldfish, nevermind a child, that it's ridiculous. That being said I wish PETA would fuck off already. Where's the big activist group for children's rights? Is there one? I don't even know which tells me if there is one, they suck too and/or aren't getting any publicity because it's so much more media friendly to talk about puppy mills and dead cats found in homes on 'Hoarders' than it is to talk about physical and sexual abuse and neglect. That's just a stab in the dark.

2. Bullshit is rampant in our society. Everyone's so concerned about what other people think of them that it's nicey-nice all the time and saving face and kissing ass. End it people. Maybe, if just once in awhile, we were all straight with each other, people wouldn't suck so much. Of course, I tend, apparently, to share my thoughts too often and people think I'm mean. My favourite was when a 35+ year old man recently shared his thoughts on the horrors of bi-racial marriages. Seriously?! It's 2009. The scarier thing is, this fucknut has children and is likely sharing those views and opinions with them. Or maybe the scariest thing is he thought it was okay to say this out loud. I really don't know. My husband, however, placed himself between me and this man, because not being a fan of bullshit or pretending to like someone I don't, I was sharing some strong feelings and opinions in response to his ridiculously ignorant remark.

3. Christmas is 12 days away. Not even close to being done shopping. Number of barriers in the way including the flu that attacked us this weekend, but really that wasn't the biggest obstacle. At present I'm not prepared to get into what the biggest obstacle is; my point is, I used to LOVE Christmas. Now I'm more like those other a-holes who whine and gripe about it all December long. And I hate that. People are messing with my Christmas spirit. I've decorated, listened to Christmas music ad nauseum all in the name of trying to get into the spirit and for the most part it just ain't happening.

This is depressing and so is this blog. However, I needed to vent. It was either that or go off on people who don't deserve it and/or resort to underhanded manipulative shit I try to stay away from.

Merry Christmas...

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