Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's the Point?

I was really gung ho about this when I first started as I imagined myself quickly being discovered as the next Jen Lancaster or Chelsea Handler. As I still do not have any followers I am thinking this is not going to happen. Which is unfortunate. If I hear one more reality show contestant or millionaire/celebrity say if you're not doing what you love then life simply isn't worth living I might lose complete control of my senses. This statement is usually said by someone who is either a) 22, single and loaded or b) loaded. Perhaps I should clarify, 'loaded' in this case means rich. Filthy rich. Although perhap there could be a double entendre here. Those who are either intoxicated, or more often, stoned, are prone to wax philosophical on the merits of pursuing one's dreams. Then they get distracted by a Dorito and all is lost....

Point being, I hate my job. I do not have the option to quit unless I'd like to have my vehicle repossessed, lose my house, and move myself, my husband and our four kids into a van down by the river. So for the time being, I'll do this little bit of writing a.k.a. "doing what I love" and it will have to suffice.

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