Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm Broke

My husband needs to get a job. Pronto. And here's why:

At present we are very tight on cash thanks to my husband getting royally screwed by the last guy he worked for. Also thanks to same guy we have been a single income family since January 4th. Lots of families rely on one income, of this I'm aware. The difference here is that from the get-go we have always had two decent incomes. Anyway, this is not news to many of you but let me explain what happened today.

I was bored. There is no money for mindless shopping (or necessary shopping for that matter), movie rentals, restaurants...I'd already watched TV for a good part of the morning, so what to do? Well, I guess I could clean. Yuck. However I was overtaken by boredom and then music and set off cleaning this place like nobody's business! I am telling you I scrubbed bathrooms, note the 's', washed walls, again note the freaking 's' and did laundry and vacumned and dusted. Now I am exhausted.

The cleaning alone would've done me in but to avoid some of the drudgery of these necessary but dreary tasks, I listened to my Ipod. I used my headphones as my two year old was sleeping. My husband and other son went out for the afternoon (no, not to spend money). Oh and then there are my other two children who are on a cruise somewhere in Mexico. Don't even get me started! =)

Okay, back to the music. I love it all. I mentioned before when vodka and I used to chum I was quite the singer. Well what I may have failed to mention is that whether or not I'm with vodka, I love singing. Keep in mind people I love singing but am not necessarily good at it but that usually doesn't stop me. Just ask my husband, children, close friends, neighbours, acquaintances... Today, though, I couldn't sing. I was washing walls right outside my sleeping child's room so if you can't sing what do you do? You dance. Which I did. By myself. While lip syncing furiously. I have the feeling I may have slightly resembled someone seizuring with just a touch of rhythym. I couldn't help myself. The number I really got down to was Jealous Again by the Black Crowes. Right there in the little nook by my daughter's bedroom door I cut the rug until it was shag!

Maybe just to better aid your visual, keep in mind I had not yet showered today and was wearing zero make-up and a semi-fitted pink t-shirt and sweats. To complete the ensemble I had on a sports bra which equals uniboob. And as the shirt is somewhat fitted and I was really shakin' it from time to time my belly may have snuck out from under said shirt. Not cute. This belly has been through four pregnancies and my previously disclosed sugar addiction. Hot stuff, I know.

Please for the love of God and all that's right in the world, help my husband find a job before I start actually choreographing this shit.

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