Monday, February 15, 2010

A LIfe of Glamour & Privilege

First let me start by wishing all my fellow Saskatchewanites a Happy Family Day! Now let me tell you how my Family Day has gone thus far.

I have a raging head cold right now. Why is this important? I have not been sleeping well at all but finally last night had a lovely uninterrupted almost dreamless sleep. Yay. Then my six year old came in around 7 and wanted to get into bed with us. Sure, why not? He likes to sleep on his dad's side anyway and promptly went right back to sleep. After awhile he decided he would go downstairs and watch TV or play video games. Great. Works for me! Then sometime between 7:30 and 8 a.m. my two year old came in. He did not settle quite as nicely and I ended up putting the TV on for him. Still manageable. After awhile he decided he too would go downstairs. By this time I'm awake but it's after 8 a.m. so I'm not that concerned. I decide to lay in bed for awhile. I even dozed off momentarily and briefly dreamt about 'A Different World'. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about that was the spin-off of the 'The Cosby Show' that featured Denise at college. Why the hell was I dreaming about that? Beats me. Anyway I woke up again, pondered the origin of the dream and started to think about getting up. What happened next is where it all went awry.

My six year old came running up the stairs announcing he had "bad news" for us. And that, he did. Turns out our dog, who had all of three accidents as a puppy, had pooped on the carpet by the front door. Now he has a bit of a stomach ailment and sometimes he gets really sick and for whatever godforsaken reason this is where he feels the need to relieve himself. This isn't all that remarkable except for the fact our entire main floor has laminate flooring. There is a rug by the front door and a rug by the back door. He routinely chooses to deface either one of these when feeling under the weather.

The other good news was the two year old had peed on the couch. Well, glory hallelujah and Happy Family Day!

In the two year old's defense he was still wearing his diaper from last night so that was likely an overflow leakage situation, but still.

So up and out of bed. Sent the two year old upstairs to get cleaned up by dad, steam cleaned the couch. My husband came down and dealt with the dog's work, which by the way, was not evidence of his stomach ailment. Perhaps he is upset about something, I'm not sure, either way, thank God for the head cold because our house, according to my husband, has the distinct aroma of dog shit.

On top of all of that, I'm out of French Vanilla creamer for my coffee. When will the madness end?

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