Friday, February 12, 2010

Logic, where have you gone?

So I'd like to talk to you all about Wednesday. Guess what I did that day? I went to spin for the second time this week. Guess what I did after that? Went to 7-11 and purchased a two pack of Hostess cupcakes, 75 cents worth of gummy candies and an English Toffee Cappucino. I'm not sure I even tasted the cupcakes being that I inhaled them. At any rate, I finished this explosion of sugar and preservatives in less than 45 minutes. To be honest, the 'food' was gone within about was the coffee that took a while to drink. Once at home that night I had a few Hershey kisses, some chips and then right before bed, just one more cupcake (homemade this time) and a big glass of milk.

*Note: there is no mention of supper in here. Because I didn't have any. My perfect world would consist of eating a diet like Will Ferrell's in 'Elf'.

Now there are some who will say the reason I go to spin or to the gym at all is so I can eat like that. I argue that if I did not eat like this but continued to go the gym I could throw away my elastic waisted dress pants. Sigh. Although I do have to say it was a magical day when I found those pants at Reitman's. I felt like Forrest Gump when he sees Lt. Dan and comments on his "magic legs". I had found "magic pants".

I am a fan of the show Intervention and on days like Wednesday (or Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, get the idea) I feel I could qualify for a food addiction intervention. Or at the very least a sugar addiction. Wednesday I ate a banana and today I ate some mixed veggies at supper. That'll likely be the extent of my fruit and vegetable intake for the week. I've tossed around the idea of quitting sugar. Then I laugh and eat a King Size Twix (Kit Kat, Aero, Snickers, Mars,...again, you get the idea).

Will I go back to spin? Yes. My friends make me. Will I continue to go on rampant binges involving cupcakes and high fructose corn syrup? Yes. My life makes me.

For the record and back in relation to Fargs' untimely demise, I used to binge drink. Sadly now I'm left to Peanut M&Ms and baked goods...

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