Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Spin or Not to Spin?

I am so so so tired.  In approximately fifteen minutes people are going to be looking for me to go to spin at lunch.  I know I should.  It will be the teensiest bit easier today.  Maybe.  Or maybe it won't be and after I'm done I'll die and be unable to carry out my tasks this afternoon for work.  I will most definitely be beet red and sweaty and no longer wearing make-up.  This might prove effective when considering some of the tasks at hand this afternoon.  Or it might mean by 5 p.m. I will barely be able to drive home and will fall asleep at the wheel potentially injuring countless seniors on my commute.

On the other hand, if I don't go I'll feel guilty and weak-minded.  That being said I will not be sweaty.  Fresh complexion, make-up still in's a hard question.

Why am I so tired?  Maybe because at roughly 12:30 a.m. I wandered down to the couch.  My husband followed and asked me what I was doing to which I apparently replied: "I have a stomach ache". I have no recollection of this.  I do recall waking up and wondering what I was doing and being cold so getting up and going back to bed, but not without first picking up the remote to turn off the TV.  The TV wasn't on.  So when I was nearly across the living room the TV did actually turn on as I had pressed the power button.  For a moment I panicked and was a little scared that the TV turned on by itself.  Yep.  Then I realized I turned it on.

No I did not drop acid before bed last night.  I ate a chocolate bar, had a glass of milk, and watched some American Idol. Which for the record, I'm over Michael.  Too much drama.  I'm also over Casey's hair.  I mean I like it but they really need to stop coiffing it to that extent. What happened to the ponytail? And what the hell was Cara wearing around her neck?  Thank God for mute and fast forward because I was able to muse about what exactly that was in peace and quiet rather than listening to her judge (whine).

Eight minutes...should I or shouldn't I?  Stay tuned after lunch...either I'll be guilty and fresh or sweaty and further disenchanted with physical fitness.

p.s. I do shower afterwards but it's almost a futile effort.

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