Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alcohol, Allergy Meds & Me

Yesterday was an exceptionally busy day.  I worked up quite a sweat washing floors and straightening up in the morning, then it was off to a ball wind-up and then to the fair.  It was during the housework portion of my day that I began to notice an increased need for Kleenex due to the excessive sneezing and snot production.  Then it was off to the ball park where I literally wanted to rip my own throat out.  So so very itchy. So before heading to the fair I stopped at home and took some Reactine.

I must preface this by saying this is Reactine my son purchased when he went to Europe in April.  They are much bigger pills than the stuff we get here in Canada.  I was slightly concerned but the itchy throat and abhorrent mucous production involved made me a likely candidate to take just about anything.  So I did.

Off we went to the fair which is really just a sociologist's dream.  Or anyone who enjoys people watching.  Why do some people look at the fair as an opportunity to shake what their mama gave them? I'm not saying they were actually dancing but I saw so many unsupported breasts and uncontained bellies it was just not okay.  And always with the booty shorts.  Please for the love of God unless you are under 25 and in shape and have all your own teeth and they are not rotten, please put the booty shorts away.  It's not fair to me, to you, or your children or anyone else.
And the children.  Suffer the children.  I saw a four year old girl with a mullet.  She had cute little jeans and a top on but a mullet.  Hardcore mullet. No blending. So so very sad.  She has no choice in the matter.  Sob.

The carnies themselves are always a source of amusement and fear as well.  Leathery skinned, toothless and bleary-eyed they are running contraptions we willingly put our little face-painted, sometimes mulleted children on and hope for the best. 

Back to the Reactine though.  After a long day of housework and child focused activities it was time for Mom and Dad to do a little recharging so we headed over to a friend's house for a drink or two.  I, of course, took my very new bestest gal pal, Grape Vodka, and off we went.  To be clear I only had maybe four drinks.  I was home by midnight and made a stop at McDonald's on the way home. I ate a cheeseburger, six nuggets and some fries.  Yes I'm aware I have food issues.  Anyway, I was in bed by 12:30 at the latest and promptly passed out.

This morning I first attempted getting out of bed around 8:30.  I am not nauseous, no headache, all in all I felt fine. Then I got up and felt like maybe I was in the Funhouse with the tilty floor. I staggered to the bathroom, remembered there wasn't any toilet paper and rather than get another roll, careened back to bed. What the fuck?  I laid down where the bed continued to spin for a moment or two.  Then I decided I really had to go so got up and tried again with more success.  It comes and goes in waves. When I was cleaning up cat vomit this morning (I think my cat binges and purges) I had to lean up against the wall. 

I'm blaming this entirely on the Reactine.  I took it well in advance of the drinking (like eight hours before) but why else so dizzy? And given I have roughly 12 hours of laundry ahead of me and cupcakes to bake for a Kindergarten year-end party tomorrow, I need to get my sea legs back! Ha, I 'm not even sure that's an appropriate reference.  It's the Reactine.

Damn you to hell Seasonal Allergies!


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