Friday, June 18, 2010

Sporadic Bouts of Bitchiness

What does it mean if twice in one week you crave a cigarette?  Well probably not much if you are a smoker but if you quit nearly eight years ago?  Well then I think that means you had one fuck of a week.  At one point today I was literally willing to peel off my own skin such was my level of irritation. Accompanying that was the strong urge to smoke.  Happened Wednesday too; well not so much wanting to do the skin-peeling thing Wednesday but I had company for part of my travels today...hence the strong desire to rip off my skin.

The music didn't even help. Plus I'm a selfish bitch when it comes to music. When I hear a song I like, I don't wish to be spoken to.  One should try to even keep the breathing to a minimum.  My companion today would not have accepted that concept. My companion asked me, without exaggeration, nearly 14 times if we were there yet, over the span of ONE HOUR.  Therefore we listened to the radio.

This is going to be a random post. 

I saw a woman today who is roughly the same height as me but maybe 15 pounds heavier wearing a top with a tie around the waist. Now if you possess the much coveted 'hourglass' figure, this is a nice choice. Emphasize the waist.However, if you are built like me, and this woman was, it's a shape akin to a potato on sticks and the waist shall NEVER be the focus. 

I was compelled to use my water bottle as a microphone upon hearing "Your Love" by the Outfield on the way home.  Experimented with it as if I were an actual singer. You know how some artists have their lips pressed right to the mike? I was trying to see why. I learned I would probably sing with the microphone pressed only to my top lip.

I know. Scary.

Further frightening news: I bought throat lozenges this morning in an effort to keep my throat in tip top shape so I could sing for the next 7 hours I was going to spend in my vehicle. It worked. I did struggle a little through some Patsy Cline but I really think I nailed the Outfield song.

I also have rediscovered my love for Pearl Jam's 'Yellow Ledbetter'.  I love love love the guitar in this song. I mentioned as much to my son the other day. His response was "isn't that the song where you can't understand anything he's saying?" Um yes it is but I tried really hard to hear the lyrics tonight and as per usual I was left swaying with my eyes closed to the guitar riffs with my water bottle microphone clutched to my chest and sang the line: "I know, I know". (Ironically the only part of the song I do know). The rest sounded like vowels and only vowels. Still and always will be a fan favourite though.

Best dancing song today:  'Say Hey (I Love You)' by Michael Franti and the Rebel Rockers

Best text I received today:  'JESUS HELP ME.  THIS LADY KEEPS YELLING TO HER BOYFRIEND THROUGH THE WINDOW SAYING THINGS LIKE 'I miss you already' and 'behave'. (This incidentally came from my 13 year old daughter; she was on the bus. I like her).

Things I almost hit today:  a deer, a coyote and a black Ford truck.

Well that pretty much sums it up. 'TGIF' my ass.


  1. I hate when my kids are yapping the car and I'm trying to sing! I know, bad mother, lol. "Shhh, can't you wait til the song's finished?" I will put on a song from Shrek or Bob The Builder for the kids to listen to if I need to tell my husband a short story...just so I don't have to miss out on one of MY songs while I'm talking to him. I will also restart the song if I have missed it due to someone talking to me or if I have been out of the car and missed the beginning. I wonder if my husband has noticed how weird I am?

  2. I so restart a song if necessary! Not weird. I choose to think it's a fun 'quirk'.