Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good News, At Last!

Hey party people, I've got some good news. Which I think was probably evident from the title, but what's the shame in stating the obvious?  I think our society is almost built on this concept.

Anywho, remember about how my husband, and in turn, our family, got royally screwed over by a nearly toothless redneck?  Well ta-dah the bastard paid up his fine on Friday! Yay, us!  I suppose he was just avoiding court which would've been the next step and he did wait until the last possible moment, but in any event we got the money.

So what have we done with this windfall? Went fucking nuts at Costco. Yes ladies and gentleman we are only a tooth or two away from being rednecks ourselves...two carts and wild abandon in our hearts.  At one point my six year old turned around and upon perusing the contents of our overflowing cart, asked: "Are you sure we have enough money for all of this?"  He sounded dubious.

Let me tell you, I will not need to buy toilet bowl cleaner, Bounce, Shout or Swiffer refills for a good two months.  I also bought a 24 pack of mango juice.  That might have been pushing it.  My son and I tried the sample though and enjoyed it.  After cracking a can of it last night though, I was less sure of my decision to spend $11 on mango juice.  Then I added vodka. Yep, still a good purchase.

We have a ready supply of breakfast cereal and Advil Extra-Strength Liqui-Gels.  Those little gems are what makes our family's world go round.  I could go on and on about our purchases but really it was all good.  I even got one of those sweet beach chairs with the short legs and a padded head rest. 

Diva, I am not. 

So does money buy happiness?  Not necessarily but it makes a trip to Costco a hell of a good time!

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