Sunday, May 16, 2010


Like most people I know I have been eagerly awaiting summer's arrival.  Well, today it's kind of here. Don't get me wrong, it pleases me but right now I'm outside surrounded by my family and getting increasingly irritated by the moment.
We have the paddling pool set up; we've tried out the new Buzz Lightyear sprinkler, ate lunch outside and really, right now, I'm just anticipating the dryer being finished so I have a reason to go inside.  My 16 year old is singing One Winged Dove; Reese wants a Rice Krispie square, the cat's trying to drink my pop, and the other two children are having a bubble war.

Serenity now!

I want to watch TV.

Okay, I posted this and then realized the title doesn't make any sense as is.  It is nice out.  Where I live these days are so far and few between we are supposed to and need to embrace every last one.  For now though, I've had about all the outside family fun I can take.  And we are still going to barbecue. 

I am the worst mother in the world?  It's Sunday. Day of family togetherness. Yet I am done with togetherness and ready for a nap.  And maybe some cake. Mostly I am ready for quiet.

I escaped into the house and now they are all following me.  Steven continues to do his best rendition of Stevie Nicks...

Maybe what I really need is a drink?  Oh joy, the dryer just buzzed, sweet escape.

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