Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plain Jane

So what with the fancy new laptop and all I am spending more time on line.  What I am learning is my blog is beyond basic.  What I also learned is apparently my comments on other blogs are not up to snuff.  I tried to comment on Sassy Curmudgeon's blog and it doesn't appear she approved it.  It was a funny little comment plus I said I liked her blog. I call that bitchy, not 'Sassy'.

However, through her blog I found another one I liked but lost it again but she wrote one about being on Cymbalta and therefore not being able to drink beer as well as she used to.  I personally find my Vodka tales more entertaining but that being said, hers was good.  The thing is, both of these woman have all kinds of stuff all over their blogs.  Apparently there are blog awards, there are all kinds of blogging networks and societies.  And I need to either hone in on this stuff or just write a damn book already because as much as I continue to amuse my mother, she is not going to pay me to do this which is the ultimate goal.

Why can't I just enjoy writing for the sake of writing?  Because today a client gave me shit for taking last week off of work.  I don't need that. 

For now, it's off to bed. Rest up because I forsee many hours ahead spent on jazzing this blog up. That's right, I said it, I'm all about the jazz.

I'm also all about Glee and an inappropriate Cougar crush on Finn when he sang Jesse's Girl. Don't be a hater and judge me.  Or do, and comment on my blog.  Guess what?  No matter how mean it is, I'll approve it.  That's how I roll and that, I think, is pretty darn Sassy.


  1. Jumped the gun a little there, kids. Just checked and Sassy Curmudgeon did accept my comment. Whoops. My apologies to Sassy. Still a big fan of her blog. And mine. heh heh.

  2. If something doesn't happen soon to get you out of your hated job and into daily bliss of creating great reads for your fans; as soon as the lotto win comes my way friend you will be paid to write delightful reads for all us fans; by me your number one fan!