Monday, May 17, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

You know I was quite pleased with this title to begin with, then when I realized it encompasses more than one thing, I was doubly pleased.

Mission #1:  Steven getting his license.
Accomplished:  Today!!  Yee haw. No more carting that guy back and forth to work, or otherwise.  No more driving with him with jaw clenched praying to Jebus he doesn't take off my side mirror on a parked car.  Don't get me wrong, he's a good driver, but my vehicle is considerably nicer than his....I have now decided my second least favourite parenting job (#1 being toilet training) is Driver Training. The actual driving is tense and waiting for them while they go for their test is a special kind of torture of it's own. This was the poor kid's third run through and if he didn't get it today I was prepared to do the 'Bend & Snap' a la Legally Blonde if need be.  Not sure that would've changed anyone's minds but maybe they'd have felt pity for the poor kid?  In any event, it was unnecessary. 

Mission #2:   Acquiring the Chicken Pox
Accomplished:  Today!!  Rhett climbed into bed with us this morning and I saw a slightly suspicious looking mark on his arm but mosquitoes are already out so I thought maybe that was all it was.  Well, now tonight, his nose his running like a mother-trucker, he is slightly warm and has four or five more spots.  Chicken Pox is in the hoouuse!!

Part of me is slightly concerned as I am very busy at work and getting more behind by the minute and then the other 97.8% of me is thinking 'Woo Hoo!'.  I will regret it when I go back next week and am swamped but whatevs. Right now I could care less.  Right now I want to eat chocolate.  Right now I'm wearing a nice elastic-waisted pant and fantasizing about wearing such pants all week.  And not going to work. Not trying to remain professional while talking to some of the stupidest most ignorant people I have met (clients and co-workers alike) all day.

So people, for a Monday, in the end, it wasn't too shabby at all.  The pets helped me keep it real as I did get to clean up some cat puke.  Oh and for those of you concerned at my apparent lack of empathy as to the well being of my poor little three year old who'll soon be very itchy; back off, I'm not the one who had his brother licking his mouth when all was said and done in an effort to ensure he gets the chicken pox too. Okay, so Ryan didn't tell Reese to do that, but Reese got carried up in the moment of our family glee in the pox discovery and licked Rhett's mouth...gross, I know.  I honestly believe it would never cross a little girl's mind to do such a thing.  However 13 year old boys don't make each other's lives miserable just for sport, so it's a fair trade.

Good Night.  Expect a full Chicken Pox (pock?) update in the morning. God willing, he'll be covered...


  1. Good to hear an upbeat blog. Hope we get to meet one of these days.

  2. Ah, you would resort to the "Bend and Snap", that's a dedicated mother, lol. My kid has just recovered from the Chicken Pox...for the second time!!! Not fair, I thought that was a one time deal. And, he got it on the 3rd day of a 6 day holiday to Spain! So, we carried on and probably infected hundreds along the way....what do you do?

  3. Well, we just had Rhett's birthday party Saturday so I'm assuming none of those children are safe either! Good news is most of them were hoping to get their kids infected too, so again, I can't help myself, mission accomplished! ha ha

  4. Can I send hannah over she still has not had them and with out luck she will get then when we are planning a holiday!!!

  5. Great news for you!! Congrats to you, and Steven, and Rhett!

  6. Wow, just read this aloud to my husband and then edited. Feel free to point out when I sound like a complete idiot....also feel free to re-read this one as it will make more sense the second time 'round!