Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day-Part II

I think by now you all know, that at times, I have somewhat of a short fuse.  I have been this way as long as I can remember.  It hasn't necessarily always brought out the best in me and today I had an epiphany in regards to a specific event which I believe means I owe my sister-in-law an apology. 

Cut to approximately February or March 2007.  I was quite pregnant with Rhett, who was born in May.  My sister-in-law, Crystal, had just had her son, Daniel, in December 2006.  We were having a baby shower for her.  The day of the shower, where I was to organize games my Grandma showed up and wanted to go for supper.  This was going to be slightly rushed but I couldn't nor did I want to turn Grandma down.  Then my husband got called to work which meant either taking my then three year old with me to the shower but instead my Grandma offered to babysit so off we went.  I should add my Grandma will be 87 this year so was almost 83 at the time.

So we visited and played games and ate food and then it was time to open gifts.  I swear to God, my level of patience had sunk to an all time low.  It seemed as though Crystal was waiting for the gifts to unwrap themselves.  Was it fair of me to be impatient? No.  Want to know what was less fair?  Getting up, storming across the room and 'assisting' her with one gift in particular.  By assisting I mean ripping the paper off the back of the box and returning to my seat.  To the credit of the other guests they didn't say much. Maybe some nervous laughter and one girl, who was also pregnant but not inclined to commit gift opening abuse, asked if I tended to be impatient when pregnant.  I do believe actions spoke for themselves.  It wasn't until I was re-telling this story that I realized how assinine that was.  So for that, I'm sorry Crystal.

Now some of you math wizards out there have figured out this happened more than four years ago so why apologize now?  Well because I had my own slow-motion gift opening experience this morning.  My wonderful husband presented me with a laptop this morning!!  They (him and the kids) had put it in a gift bag of sorts and I had an inkling I was maybe getting one and so I wanted to savour every moment.  Finally one of my older two kids told me to hurry up and open it.  I didn't want to.  I was so excited and so really wanted to enjoy this moment.  And then it dawned on me, she was enjoying her moment and I, uber-bitch, rained or perhaps maybe even stormed, on her parade.  Again, I apologize.

As for me, I am loving this laptop.  Sitting at my dining room table writing and web surfing is only about a million times more enjoyable then sitting in my basement which smells like dog and looks like a Toys R Us gone wrong.

So Thanks to my husband, Ryan, for giving me one of the best Mother's Day presents EVER.  And thanks, to his sister, Crystal, for not decking me that fateful night four years ago!

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